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Bookwyrm's Lair

Here be dragons.

31 July 1987
Hello, I'm Betsy. I'm a fifth (wow, time flies) year Bachelor of Information Technology/Bachelor of Arts student, I was born in the United States but have lived in Australia since I was little, and I think most of whatever else you may wish to know about me can be found somewhere in my journal.

However, I will provide a handy summary.

I'm an utter bookworm, and I like fantasy and science fiction. I also like knitting, spinning and other sorts of fibrecraft. I believe that although the 'u' in 'colour' isn't strictly necessary for the well-being of humanity, proper spelling and grammar are always a good thing. I am learning Latin. I grew up on Age of Empires and other RTS games. I am sometimes prone to the random, and have been known to burst out laughing for no discernible reason. I see no problem in that. And I think that's enough summary for the time being.